In Simply Being Nice

Oftentimes, we have no idea what is going on with other people’s lives. Just prefer to be nice and kind in this unkind world even if others are rude and vicious. It’s important to teach our children to be nice to others. Learning to think before saying something about someone is a must because I want them to realize how someone might feel if someone said it to them.

Teaching my children good manners is of utmost importance to me because I want them to be polite as they grow into appreciative and well-respected adults. It is also necessary to teach my kids that they cannot have everything they want. Helping them understand why they can’t have everything not only makes them kind kids but patient and thankful as well.

Being nice is contagious. It makes people feel good. Kind words and smiles go a long way. Kindness and support work better than bitterness and frustration. Being nice means you know how to behave with people especially those who are in need, one should be polite, kind, tender, generous, forgiving and much more. Nice people earn respect.

If you want everybody to respect you then, you should be nice, even with your enemies. What you give is what you get. Being nice means having good thoughts which become our word, our action and our character. It’s useless to repent when you make mistakes. The best thing you can do is to forgive, forget and move on.

Nice people never criticize other people. Nice people always speak less and talk sweetly, they always take care to speak, never hurt anyone’s heart by mistake. Kindness is a big virtue and one should be kind to everybody. Being nice means being kind with everyone.

Nice people never criticize others and never degrade others. They are respectful and have good thoughts for everybody. They are very humble and respect everybody’s views. They never try to become nice. They are by nature nice, their actions show it.

Nowadays, the world seems to be lacking basic kindness. But I know that we can work on simply being nice to each and every one even if they are not kind. It could be because they’re having a bad day or maybe they’re just a bad apple. Whatever the reason, show them mercy, kindness, and love that you would appreciate seeing should you be having a bad day and need a break.